Zay Muttaqin

February 16, 2009

Islamic International Law views on terrorism (part 1)

Filed under: Islamic Thought — E.Zaenal.Muttaqin @ 11:53 am

Many people recently do not realize accurately the root meaning of international law come up, not aimed to detach the western thought about the international law where people mostly referred nowadays; in point of fact Islamic faith had the role of international law far away before Grotius found the general principles of international law.

As briefly mentioned that Islamic law promoted many thought to be referred and explained to what happened recently. the 11/9 tragedy in USA led to the stereotype views by many people about Islam, specially when it referred to the term of Jihad as the holly war in case should legitimate the act of terrorism. Dealing with this minefield situation I shall explain the term of Jihad as the pure faith of Islamic teaching and the act of terrorism as the pure criminal act that not even related to the Islamic teaching and faith.

Jihad referred to the Arabic word “jahada” means deploying all power to achieve something, in terminological meaning Jihad also referred to the act of using all ability to do or to achieve something. Jihad in Islamic teaching not always performed through a war or battle, jihad in many ways transformed into a legal act and something good, effort to have a scholarship by learning hard, get a job by applying to many companies for instance are also considered as a Jihad.

In the other hand battle used in the last way as jihad, but that war which is called jihad never break the values of humanity and other rules. In addition, terrorism is the act that never allowed in Islamic world, terrorism would probably identified as “jarimah” in Islamic word means violation against the law and someone who performs this “jarima” should be prosecuted.

Unfortunately, rarely do many muslims realize and understand this pureness meaning, especially when one learns islam separately, besides many western people also never know the root of Islamic teaching specially when it talks about Jihad.


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