Zay Muttaqin

February 12, 2009

United Nations = United cowards

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As we know precisely that united nation established in 1945 replaced the league of nations to pursue the tranquility among nations, besides that establishment was so called as peace-reinvention due to the World War II back in 1940s era. According to its aims the UN also founded to facilitate cooperation in international law , international security, economic development, social programs, human rights, and achieving world peace.

In addition, UN also promoted several programs contains many issues that arose in such a modern era. Back to the main aim of UN and its goal why it so became exist, nowadays the degradation of its valued goals become more and more astray and move incorrectly from its right path. As we have seen early from what I called as “the new modern holocaust” in Gaza Strip, we also have seen there how people easily killed other people as they’re killed animals, we’ve seen also the greatest value of human rights were betrayed. The reason come up from what we called as the big five who had a veto right whether they agree or not to decide something.

Again, we saw the obvious unfairness happened here. Its precise that Israel had the troops to attack and destroy the sovereignty of Palestinian people, for many reasons they hold up the attack because hamas kept their rocket launched to Israel’s land and other. Practically this is unacceptable for any reason to kill people specially children and old age people under the piece of shit reason like what Israel did.

All I want to say here is how the Role of UN as the worldwide organization that aims to pursue a peaceful world, the big reason is it carries out the double standard for different people. Remember when we talked about Georgia annexed by Russia, Afghanistan By Taliban, and other tragedy that lead to the unmerciful world situation UN dominated by united States of America (USA) and its allied country, but did we see the same performance when it come up from the Arab world, Islam world just like Palestine case?, obviously not. As I noted from George Galloway one of the member of British parliament said briefly from the fact and reality, “we made the tragedy of what happened now in Palestine, we (west people and Specially pointed at UN had a double standards and intentions to solve the conflict)

Moreover, UN lead by USA said confidently that Hamas is illegal government of Palestine, and it’s a terrorist government of it. did they realize? The concept of democracy that always proclaimed by USA, did they realize the concept of human right that they always declared as a standard of living?. if they said so, Hamas also did the right thing, its not a terrorist government, hamas elected by the most number of Palestine people to replace the fatah because they’re not able to accommodate the Palestinians need to become free and live peacefully on their own land. Did we remember how British gave the land in 1948 to the Israel ? it’s a gift, I say again it’s a gift. Still remember how Sederot city was built? It come from the Palestinian villages until Israel troops annexed and kill people there.

As the conclusion, we saw here the unfairness happened, and the role of UN that we give hope to settle this conflict is never come, so UN in this case doesn’t have a power to decide something right because it ruled under USA and Israel, obvious reason about this will make UN no more than a coward organization.


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